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If not for this generation, then surely for the next.


Our goal is clear: financial support of fundamental diabetes research. For that we need all the support of everyone. Foundation DON does not receive a subsidy from the government, making it fully dependent on gifts. That is why we ask for your support, for example with an inheritance. Help us cure diabetes type 1. If it is not for this generation, then surely for the next.



In a will, you indicate who your heirs are and which part they receive. By drawing up a will, you decide what happens to your inheritance. If you do not have a will, this will be decided by law. You can choose to include foundation DON in your will. By instituting it, you can make the foundation into your heir or one of your heirs or include a bequest in your will.

Stichting DON heeft zich vanaf de eerste dag geconcentreerd op de strijd tegen diabetes type 1 via de weg van fundamenteel onderzoek. Baanbrekend en blijvend noodzakelijk!

mr. W.F.C. (Willem) Stevens

Co- Founder stichting DON

Leaving behind by way of a bequest 

A bequest is a special form of gifting. It regards a predetermined sum or kind of property (such as a house or a piece of land) which you leave behind for the person or organisation chosen by you. You include a bequest or bequests in your will.

Leaving behind by way of an institution of heir

An institution of heir regards a determined part of your property which is appointed to the heir by way of your will. You can name foundation DON as your heir or one of your heirs by way of institution of heirs.

Leaving behind by way of a named fund

You can establish a named fund now or include it in your will. With a named fund, you can decide for yourself how your financial resources will be spent. On a certain research, for example, or on certain scientists or research group. We are happy to inform and advise you, so that you will make the choice that fits you best.

Honest about costs

Your legacy to foundation DON is free of inheritance tax. This means that all of your money will aid the battle against diabetes type 1. As a professional organisation, we cost money; it impossible not to and we want to be honest about this. We do try to keep these costs as low as possible. Foundation DON strives to keep the costs of fundraising and fund management under 25 percent. You can consult the current annual statement with full clarification here.

Any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please feel free to contact us. We can also get you in touch with a notary office for advice and drawing up a will. Foundation DON can be reached at (+31) 20 630 65 35 and info@stichtingdon.nl.